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Dark Ages

The forces of evil are activating for their final push of conquest. This web log has turned off the subscribing tool because of a constant attempt to seek into this system.

The dark forces of the Internet shan’t break these walls.

Pretty Much the Final Word on the Subject

What with the most recent tragedy, the calls are coming again for more and tighter gun control. I would like to point to a (rather lengthy) blog post by an ex-gun shop owner, ex-concealed carry trainer, and current author. He says it all far better than I ever could. And backs it all up with both logic and statistics. So, without further ado I present Larry Correia and An Opinion On Gun Control.

Reflection on G+

In order to reach a wider segment of the population Reflections has opened a Google Plus community page. While it is opened to the public the membership must be approved by the monitor. Please join the fun of poking the collective fools in eye and saving the Republic.

Reflections on Google Plus (an google plus account is necessary.

The Great Firewall a-coming

“The Internet is in danger,” Wolfgang Kleinwächter, professor for Internet policies at Aarhus University,

It is really a surprise that nations will attempt to regulate the Internet? Every national government and their sub-units already regulate every aspect of human activity. Every imaginable form of taxation follows the regulating. National war departments have always attempted to secure new technology to the vaults of its bureaucracies.

As the nations try to install borders upon the Internet thus the creations of multiple intranets will still-born the free global economy. The black-Internet will be born. I didn’t just type about a racial group rising but of a black-market developing outside of officialdom. It had happen before and will again; computer users will find a way to escape censorship.

The Next Underground Railway will be Cyber

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