Chain Emails…

Well…from now on when I get the same chain email for the tenth time I will delete it…right…if the theory is to send it to ten people…then by receiving the same email ten times…I have fulfilled my obligations to me friends…this way I can keep my cyber friend and at the same time make sure that a house does not fall on me…team player…you can stick a fork in that…Sincerely N.D.Ted

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Ted has been Town Hall's demented Dentist since we all moved over to the Town Hall forum on CompuServe from that horrible Mac computer. While he cared for our teeth he would talk constantly of his demented ramblings. He just has too much time on his hands ...

One thought on “Chain Emails…

  1. I never pass along those chain-emails to the ten or how many people requested. I do send it back to the sender since they usually ask to receive it also. This way they never know I didn’t follow their stupid instructions.

    Back in the late 1990s, I received a chain-email from a co-ed at the University of Texas-Austin. She passed along some goofy email from a student at MIT: that request wanted to see how aids was spread by a chain email (Note: the chain email was in place of actual sex.) I didn’t obey her instruction but, she received this reply:

    I’m sad that you gave me aids, and

    I’m really disappointed in you that I am not your only lover!

    I never heard from nor received any more chain emails from her. What a pity!

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