Our Light Shall Remain Burning

Thank you, Town Hallers, for your coming together here to fight the good fight this past one and half years. The cause of liberty is never finished; the forces to control mankind will continue. Win or lose today we learn our fate. Either we must fight the crippling dependence of socialism/fascism or, we fight to kee reigning-in the erosion of our Constitution to moderation in foolish one-way bipartisanship for being nice to those who wish to control us.

Tomorrow win or lose, be graceful in defeat and humble in victory. Do keep the late Senator Barry Goldwater’s word near to your heart that extremism in defense of liberty is no vice, either is moderation in pursuit of justice a virtue. God bless you my friends and fellow Conservatives. We shall reach the shining city upon the hill. Liberty and Justice for all.


About The Administrator

The '08 elections in the United States are expected to be more bitter and nasty than those of 1800's, 1824's, 1860's & 2000's (to name a few.) For this reason, Dictum has been renamed as Town Hall and it has become a multi-authored web log. Under either name, its purpose is to glean and attempt to post upon the intrusiveness in vogue through the law, culture, and social frameworks which effect contemporary society. This intrusiveness is a public nuisance from a political mindset of misplaced charity trying to equal results between unequal talents but effectively spreading misery all around. Town Hall will attempt to expose without grossness those who are trying to immanentize the Eschaton.The name of Town Hall was originated by Wm. F. Buckley, jr. of National Review in 1991 for his Conservative Republican readers in order to connect their computers to promote the Conservative Movement. This cyber movement of Conservatives made it way to the Internet as townhall.com. With the purchase of Internet-townhall in early 2006 many of its Conservative users were left adrift from the message boards and chat rooms that at various times were the Sprint VAX/Mac computers, the Compuserve private forum, and the recent chat rooms, soapboxes, "meetups," TownSquares. Town Hall wishes to re-unite us in our various groups into a central point of coordination to Stop the coprolalia of the Left-wing.