Stop Tweeting, You’re Depressing the Economy

The Harvard Business School has a study on social media. I shan’t name the professor or cite the particulars of this study. In short, if you are using twitter and other social networking web-applications then you are casually associated with loss of productivity.

Hmm, many contributors of Town Hall weblog (THW) tweet now. Never mind I may have encouraged it. Twitter usage by THW I compared our tweeting to those mini-editorials we love to read in the This Week section of National Review magazine. Our tweets add reason to mish-mush of some of those mentioning every movement of their persons..

As to productivity loss, I noticed more tweeting over there than postings here. At least twitter gives our fair weblog good exposure.

Overall, the THW thinks its contributors are doing a good job despite our personal depression from listening to that socialist telepromting-reading, Uncle Barak.

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