I'm Dean S. Marlett Smith, B.A., L.A., and I am a  Lawyer's Assistant / paralegal / legal assistant who specializes in research and writing objective memos/reports that are consistent between your client's facts, questions, and the law. This web site is to help reduce the cost of legal work for attorneys and corporate law departments. 

The high cost of legal work is from the repetition of work because there is a disconnect between what the client needs and what the legal professionals understand what is the client’s needs. It would seem that when the client is included in the decision-making process of creating their strategic and tactical legal plans, there should be less complaints about delays for fixing misunderstandings from little or no communication between legal professionals and the clients. Such delays always add to the billing-hours. The client should ask for the legal memo (the research report conducted on their factual situation) in order for them to have a better understanding of their case. Even with other legal website. They should ask for the research behind the documents they may purchase so that they know the research and their facts are consistent with the law. With everybody knowing the background, through the research report (memo), the client can actively help their legal representative.

With an increase in the number of laws, it is more than ever an imperative necessity that we must understand our standing within the law. Ignorance may be bliss in any less intrusive era; today, it could have a serious, negative impact on your financial well-being. In 1877, Chief Justice Waite had set the correct principle that, "for [the] protection against abuses by legislatures, the people must resort to the polls, not the courts." 

Succinctly, with the return of the era of big government after the federal election of 2008, until the polls correct the abuses, KNOW the law.  Seek legal representatives who will allow you to be active in preserving your liberties.